Handwriting Without Tears
The award winning Handwriting Without Tears program is the only major handwriting program with sufficient manipulatives and strategies to address all children’s unique learning styles. Please click the link and discover what is so great about the Handwriting Without Tears program. Products are also available at their web site.

Lindamood-Bell LiPS Program

The LiPS program is used in order to help children link the sound that a letter makes with the symbol that represents this sound. A child’s understanding of the uniqueness of sound is critical to the understanding of written expression.

Project Read– Written Expression
The Written Expression curriculum was designed on the theory that students need to understand the function of words in written language to assist them in expressing their own thoughts through writing.

Schools Attuned To All Kinds of Minds Program
All Kinds of Minds has received national recognition for their Schools Attuned program. Schools Attuned teaches participants how to deal with the unique learning style of each individual student. This is critical when teaching children who are struggling in certain areas.

Free Coloring Pages
Almost every child I see is instructed to color for 5-10 minutes per day. This helps them build the skills and muscles necessary for writing. Here is a website for free coloring pages.

The Print Tool
This link will direct you directly to Handwriting Without Tear’s The Print Tool website, so that you can see for yourself the unique features of this assessment tool.