School based services
Experience has shown us that the highest level of carryover occurs when the child’s teacher and the therapist work in collaboration. The therapist is able to gauge student success in the classroom and recommend meaningful follow through activities. Please refer to the For Schools link to read a summary of how services are provided in this manner.  

Home based services
Some school settings are not conducive to “at school” intervention, so home based tutoring sessions the next best thing. Parents and caregivers can see which intervention strategies work best with their child. We can discuss whether this option is viable for you. Drive times, being what they are, occasionally make this option unaffordable.

Potomac, MD Office
Often, we provide services at our therapist’s homes. This has several advantages. All of our therapy and intervention materials are in the therapist’s workspace. We have appropriately sized furniture for children and we have an established area for tutoring. For location information, please click the Contact Us link.

In addition to touring the country for Handwriting Without Tears, Todd provides training sessions for parent organizations, schools and other groups. These are a great way for parents and teachers to assess their own particular level of need for assistance.
We are also available to provide summer camp programs. Please click Contact Us link to discuss either of these options.